Pan do Mar offers canned fish and seafood from sustainable and controlled fisheries with oils, sauces and marinades made with ingredients from organic agriculture: a wide range of products to meet the different tastes of our customers. Conservas Antonio Pérez Lafuente, a company with nearly 100 years of tradition and experience. High quality and natural flavor combined with a reasonable balance and respect for nature.

Sardines in organic olive oil (120g)

Sardines from sustainable and controlled fishery stocks, are caught by the Northeast Atlantic traditional inshore fishery, hand cleaned and canned in extra virgin olive oil from certified Spanish organic agriculture.

Sardine fishery is a typical way of life for coastal fishing families of the Northwest coast of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal); controlled use of traditional fishing methods, (no use of dragging or pulling nets), avoids depredation and by-catch, also assures the maintenance of the European sardine species (Sardina pilchardus W.), the best in taste and quality and for the fishers a permanent economic support.

The whole sardine size, 15-18 cm signifies that at least has completed more than one reproduction cycle. This fishery is developed and controlled under the rules of the European Community and the Spanish and Portugal Fish Authorities that establish fish art, minimum size, fishing periods and capture amount limits by day, sailor and boat.
Fish Traceability certified by Kiwa. Spanish authority for organic official control: ES-GA-ES/CRAEGA, Concello Regulador de la Producción Ecológica de Galicia. Produced under the rules of the organic European Regulation EC 834/2007 art. 23 lit.c/i.

 Sardines in organic olive oil (120g)
 Sardines in organic olive oil (120g)
Net weight
120 gr.
Drained weight
90 gr.

Atlantic Sardines  (75%),  extra virgin Olive oil (24%)*, Sea salt. (*: from organic agriculture).

Gluten free product.