Conservas Antonio Pérez Lafuente is a family company dedicated to the production of canned seafood products since the beginning of the last century and has its roots in 1892 ; our factory is located in Vilanova de Arousa, coastal village of the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula.

“Pan do Mar” (“Bread of the sea”), the name with which we present our products, wants to reflect our history and working philosophy , based on the exploitation of marine resources in a sustainable and rational manner, but always processed according to traditional methods.


In Conservas Antonio Pérez lafuente we feels heirs of a long-standing tradition of manufacturers of canned seafood and that is why we have to keep the pride of processing methods and treatment of the fish that have been transmit from our ancestors , without renouncing the technical advances in the field of control and food safety.The products we offer under the “Pan Do Mar” brand are based on the following basic principles that govern our activity:

  • Artisanal production: all the fish is cooked, cleaned, hand-cleaned and is packaged in our plant following practices and traditional recipes of the local cuisine.
  • Sustainable fisheries: all the fish that is being processed in the factory comes from fisheries considered as sustainable and is captured with traditional methods of fishing according to the criteria approved by the FAO and conservation organizations based on the use of selective and controlled fishing methods. Fishing is carried out with inshore boats (coastal fishing), using traditional and not predatory arts, characteristic of the local communities with deep-rooted family traditions in the fishing and seamanship.
  • Organic ingredients: the same interest in the conservation of the natural environment is applied for the selection of the ingredients that are accompanying our processed fish and seafood: first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, vegetables, spices and vinegar for the sauces, all coming from the certified organic and biodynamic agriculture.

The notion in which we inspire our work is Respect:

Respect for the environment, because we believe that we must to leave to our children a world as rich and varied as we have received it.

Respect for the work of our employees and partners.

Respect for our customers that wait the best quality we can get in our products.

The Pérez Lafuente family has dedicated itself to the manufacture of canned seafood for over 100 years and pioneered the manufcture and marketing of shellfish from the Galician Firths.

Our factory is situated in Vilanova de Arosa, a coastal village on the Atlantic coast of Galicia, in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, an area blessed with an abundance of fish and shellfish, enabling the product to be supplied absolutely fresh and in optimum condition.The name under wich we market our products, “Pan Do Mar”, accurately reflects the history and working philosophy of our company, which is manufacture based on the rational and sustainable harvesting of the marine resources.

The products we offer under the “Pan Do Mar” brand name are therefore based on the following basic principles:

  • The fishing is done with inshore craft (coastal fishing) typical of the local communities and their deep-rooted family traditions of fishing and seamanship, using customary non-depredatory fishing tackle.
  • The volume of the catches, ther sizes and the tackle used are regulated and inspected by the relevant official bodies.
  • The entire fishing and production chain is fully traceable and certified.
  • The same standards are applied to the selection of the accompanying ingredients: extra virgin olive oils, vegetables, spices, vinegar and wines for the sauces, all drawn from Spanish organic agriculture.