Pan do Mar offers canned fish and seafood from sustainable and controlled fisheries with oils, sauces and marinades made with ingredients from organic agriculture: a wide range of products to meet the different tastes of our customers. Conservas Antonio Pérez Lafuente, a company with nearly 100 years of tradition and experience. High quality and natural flavor combined with a reasonable balance and respect for nature.

Organic mussels, canned in organic pickled sauce (115g)

These organic mussels are gathered in the Galician Firths on the Spanish northwest Atlantic coast in deep clear waters. They are artisanal canned with the traditional pickled sauce with extra virgin olive oil. Vinegar, paprika, onion and garlic, all coming from the certified organic agriculture.

Our mussels come from the organic bivalve mollusc aquaculture which works in harmony with the enviromment helping to promote the sustainability of the species. Communities with a long fishing tradition are supported. As they are always processed in fresh, the mussels flesh quality is also preserved with the result being a better tasting and quality product.

These mussels come from the rafts placed on the Ría de Arousa, the biggest Galician estuary with the best turnover of water and nutrients. Cultivation on 12 meter long ropes in a period of one year gives an exceptional size and particular flavour.
Fish Traceability certified by Kiwa. Spanish authority for organic official control: ES-GA-ES/CRAEGA, Concello Regulador de la Producción Ecológica de Galicia. Produced under the rules of the European organic Regulation EC 834/2007.

 Organic mussels, canned in organic pickled sauce  (115g)
 Organic mussels, canned in organic pickled sauce  (115g)
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Mussels (70%)**, extra virgin Olive oil  (18%)*, Vinegar (7%)*,  Paprika*, Onion*, Garlic*, Sea salt. (*: from organic agriculture).

Gluten free product.