The mackerel packed in our “Pan do Mar” brand belongs to the Scomber scombrus species, the “verdel” of the Cantabrian Sea fishermen in the north of Spain, which washes the shores of the regions of Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria and Basque Country.

Its traditional fishery ranges from Bares Cape to the Biscay Gulf and is performed by inshore vessels from the many fisher’s villages that populate the coastline. Alternating throughout the annual cycles of the coastal fishing of anchovy and tuna, it has led to a series of habits and lifestyles that constitute a whole sea culture on its own.

The capture system used is called “hand line”, a string of about 12-15 mt. equipped with various hooks and a lead in the end. The “hand line” is thrown from a boat sailing on the idle on the shoal, which is handpicked with the help of a reel. “On some boats this reel works mechanically to help improve the quality of the catches.” This method is highly selective, ensuring with the monitored catches and seasonal campaigns the sustainability of the fishery, minimizing a the same time discards and the accidental catch of non-commercial or protected species.