Our brand “Pan do Mar” packs the species Dosidicus gigas, known as “Humboldt Squid”, “squid” or “Pacific Giant Squid.” It’s a large cephalopod abundant in the Pacific coast and also one of the pillars in the economy of coastal communities in Peru.

The fishing is done very close to shore by small boats with minimal crew. The gear used is the “jigging”: a lead ballast with hooks, suspended from a string of about 20-25 meters long. The fisherman holds it in his hand, giving it a continuous upward – downward movement through continuous pulls. This fishing method is specific for this species, thereby limiting catches of protected or non-commercial species and discards.

The origin and extraction method of the Squid is certified by the Peruvian health and fishing authorities. This is a very prolific species with a high growth rate, and there has been no problem of overfishing so far. We believe that supporting the development of Peruvian coastal communities outweighs the environmental cost in terms of CO2 originated in the transport of raw materials from their place of origin to our factory.