The mussel that we pack belongs to the species Mytilus galloprovincialis, a bivalve mollusk with a smooth shell and blue-black color, very rich in proteins and minerals. It lives fixed to the rocks in the intertidal zone and grows rapidly, reaching its normal development within a year. The temperature and nutrients from the water make the Ria de Arosa an ideal environment for the mussels to reach optimal conditions in size and flavor.

It has been cultivated in Galicia for years, as an alternative livelihood for people in coastal towns in order to prevent overfishing from the extractive fishing. Mussel farming is done on ropes hanging from floating parks, using as breeds the ones that come naturally in the rocks of the coast.

To certify the mussel as organic production, the whole process of breeding and fattening is regulated by the Regulatory Council of Organic Farming of Galicia, which sets a strict protocol according to the European Regulation 834/2007, which has to be verified in order to get the certificate attesting the origin of the product and its compliance with the respective protocols.