Paté made with mackerel from sustainable and controlled fisheries, caught by inshore fishermen of the north coast of Spain using the “hand line” method directly over the shoal without the use of networks.

This fishing method is recommended by various conservation organizations and considered sustainable because it prevents discarding for non-commercial catch size or protected species. The non-use of networks also guarantees the quality of the fish used in this product.

Made by hand following traditional recipe using mackerel fillets without skin and bones, peppers, first cold pressed organic olive oil, onions, garlic and pepper from certified organic farming.

The mackerel fishery is developed under the regulations of the European Union and Spain, that includes fishing ban periods and catch limits for each crew member, per day of fishing and per boat. Fishing in European waters avoids long transportation of fish through the world, improving the balance of CO2 and lowering energy consumption.
Organic ingredients certified by BCS Öko-Garantie, (Nürnberg, Germany). Spanish authority for organic official control: ES-ECO-022-GA/CRAEGA, Concello regulator Organic Production of Galicia. Produced under regulation EC 834/2007 art. 23 lit.c/i.