The company Conservas Antonio Pérez Lafuente S.A. of Vilanova of Arousa, renewed the agreement of collaboration with CEMMA, conceding a new economic aid to this NGO Galician that works in favour of the conservation, the study and the divulging of the marine mammals and of the marine turtles in Galicia.

During the 2015, the bottoms will go allocated to continue with the studies on the Basque whale (Eubalaena glacialis).

At the moment, the Basque whale is a species extinguished in our waters. A group of factors, between which can stand out the hunting to which was subjected the species during more than 600 years, with a series of environmental changes, caused that this whale disappeared for ever of the European waters.

The only possibility that exists nowadays to treat to study to the Basque whale is through the pertinent osseous rests of the animals that were hunted during the Half Age. Thanks to the collaboration of Conservas Antonio Pérez Lafuente S.A., will be possible to continue with this important study and arrive to obtain more information on this species extinguished.

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