More over our compliance with the legal regulations, we are involved in the social and cultural development of the community to which we belong.


In the company we have always opted for the continuity and permanence, basic factor in the transmission of a culture.
As a company of marked family character, it is not uncommon that the job is transmitted from parents to sons, both at the level of direction as also in the manufacture the majority of the staff make up women with a long experience, many of them have developed their entire working life in the company so that some lead close to 50 years with us.
This is the case of Felisa Torrado, which on the occasion of her retirement to qualify for retirement after 51 years of uninterrupted work in the company, Alvaro Perez Lafuente gives him a commemorative medal.

Felisa 001 copia


The responsibility of the company is not exhausted in his day to day. If we blew the view, it is clear that we are all partners in a joint venture: to maintain the variety and richness of the world. To do so, the company cooperates with various local associations supporting their volunteer work in the conservation of biological and cultural heritage of the country.
in this regard NGOs such as CEMMA, AGCT or DROSERA receive our collaboration to carry out their projects related to the environment.

CEMMA-coordinator for the study of marine mammals: is a Galician NGO that has as its objective the study of the cetaceans, sea turtles and other marine animals that frequent the coastal waters of Galicia, taking in addition to its responsible for assistance and recovery of those individuals that landed on their shores. At this moment Conservas Antonio Pérez Lafuente is sponsoring a study of the coastal populations of dolphins by photo identification.


Asociación Galega da Custodia do Territorio – AGCT: local division of an international movement that seeks to involve the owners and users of the land, as farmers, in the conservation and wise use of natural resources, cultural and landscape. Conservas AntonioAntonio Pérez Lafuente is his first partner benefactor.


ASOCIACIÓN DROSERA for the study and conservation of the natural environment of Galicia: are especially involved in the study of local populations of bats. Conservas Antonio Pérez Lafuente works by providing funds for the preparation of an Atlas of the bats species of Galicia.